EQUIDIF... a monumental passion

EQUIDIF, is a partner of world renowned specialists of stones, marble, granite and travertine… from all over the world, and is involved from the world-wide quarrying to the selection of the raw material and its transformation up to delivery on the spot …

EQUIDIF, has a productive capacity which can satisfy all requirements, with its own technical and commercial staff at your disposal for any further advice, information, estimates etc…

EQUIDIF was incorporated over 10 years ago in MONTE CARLO, for the supply of building and construction materials, specifically in the STONE BUSINESS (Marble, Granite, etc…).


EQUIDIF, which works together with the leading professionals in stone, marble, granite and travertine, has selected Silkar as a partner.
From a base of 56 natural stone colours, Silkar brings up to 128 colours into play. Colourful and naturally beautiful, Silkar's range of mosaics is renowned across the world for its arrangements, gradations and artistic creativity.

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Afin de garantir la bonne marche d'un project Equidif reste informé des normes internationales (codes ASTM, BS, DUT, EN …) qu’il s’agisse de la sélection, production ou installation et fait en sorte que ces normes soient respectées.

Ses connaissances techniques, sa capacité à proposer des produits adaptés aux spécifications, ses relations internationales, sa connaissance des principales carrières et usines permettent à la société EQUIDIF d’offrir à ses clients une expertise et des compétences adpative qui s’étendent de l’aide et assistance à la sélection des matières premières et produits jusqu’à leur installation.

Download our current project porfolio >here<

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